Founder Message


Greetings from the JIVA Family. We are an Indonesian and Dubai-based food distribution and export aggregator firm operating for seven years. We are pleased to provide the market with a high-quality, healthy food option. To meet the needs of our clients, we believe in constant growth, personalized, innovative solutions, portfolio diversity, and a solid supply chain. We strive to build long-term and sustainable relationships by providing the highest level of service and quality products. We will help you navigate the most comprehensive assortment of products and materials offered from across the world. Fresh, organic, gluten-free, and vegan / plant-based products make up a portion of our product line.

JIVA expanded its private label business in 2022 by establishing the BIRU Naturals healthy lifestyle brand, in addition to the Bold&Ko and Demure&Co fashion labels, inspired by the success of our export gateway platform and our flagship brands JivaFoods.

We will continue to invest in the growth and development of this brand in the coming months and years, as well as produce unique and valuable items for healthy living.

In Bogor, Indonesia, and Prism Tower, Dubai, ultramodern facilities complement our innovative approach to business for receiving, storing, and delivering items.

Our cutting-edge facilities in Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates keep intense inventory levels for regional distribution and handle our customers’ aggregated orders for more than 50 global marketplaces.

Most five-star hotels, catering firms, fast-food chains, retail stores, hospitals, and airplane bakeries are among JIVA’s renowned clients. We aspire to build solid and long-lasting connections with our valued customers by providing reasonably priced, high-quality products. We are devoted to increasing our company in CIS and Africa as we continue to strengthen our regional and global footprint in the Foodservice and HORECA markets.

People are the driving force behind JIVA’s current success, and their dedication and hard work will continue to propel our Agro, Spice, and Seafood Divisions, as well as our flagship brand, to new heights. We will continue highlighting our fundamental values of integrity, accountability, honesty, and respect while focusing on product development and user satisfaction.

As JIVA celebrates its seventh anniversary this year, I’d want to thank all of our business partners for their support and confidence in our Corporate Divisions.

Best wishes


Ilyas Bhatt 

Chairman and CEO

The JIVA Group of Companies.