Our Integrated


To support growing demand for end to end digitalization for eTrade and B2B Cross border Ecommerce (Digital Export & B2B Domestic Distrbution) acceleration of Indonesian SMEs, we recently entered in Partnership with Shipper Indonesia to enable Pan Indonesia Integrated Logistics /Warehouse/Fulfilment service for Member Companies especially for Indonesian SMEs at competitive rates The fulfilment services catering end to end trade from pickup, packaging, logistic trade facilities integrated with our Platform shall be significantly beneficial for Indonesian Producers/SME for Export purpose

Producers/SME for Export purposeAdvance payments /Down payments/ Invoice financing available and offer goods to be shipped to nearest warehouses for packaging/ labelling and shipping to buyer destinations This is a part of our effort to democratize and simplify IMPORT/ EXPORT process from Indonesia and to create end to end digitalized solution for Accelerating Export and simplifying sourcing from Indonesia.