By August 29, 2022

From November 2021 – January 2022, one of the Indonesian exporting companies succeeded in exporting up to 11 containers of white shell eggs. The company that has played a dominant role in exports is PT Jiva Samudera Biru. The company has exported 367 metric tons (5,195,520 eggs) to the United Arab Emirates.

Getting approval from prospective importing countries in the UAE is not easy because the quality of chicken hatching eggs to be exported must comply with the World Animal Health Agency (OIE) requirements.

White shell eggs are one of the leading export commodities of PT JSB. The ability to penetrate the UAE export market for this commodity proves that Indonesia can export livestock products with a selling value.

In addition, the collaboration between PT JSB, the government and MSMEs to advance the export value of this commodity is a tangible form of the seriousness of all parties to advance the Indonesian livestock sector.

The CEO of PT JSB, Ilyas Bhatt, hopes that the achievement of egg exports, which have successfully penetrated the UAE market, can pave the way for global exports for MSMEs, especially other local Indonesian egg breeders who have the potential to develop this commodity.

“The export potential of white shell eggs is still enormous, and I believe we can still increase it up to five times. We don’t only export fresh white shell eggs, but we try to export all derivative products of chicken and their processed products,” said Ilyas Bhatt via teleconference at the PT JSB office.

PT JSB has successfully penetrated Japan, the USA, Australia, the Middle East, Dubai, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey, Taiwan, and Spain. The amount exported in 2022 will increase by 30.5 percent compared to 2021. JSB’s activities are also engaged in the agro-industry sector by cooperating with local farmers to partner and produce quality agricultural products for export.