By September 17, 2020
Producers of spices at home are expected to increase output as demand for Indonesian quality spices has spiked during the first eight month of 2021 according to data from the Trade Ministry.
The Indonesian government promised to keep facilitating exporters to help increase the welfare of the people through international trade. As one of spice producers in the world, Indonesia will boost export of this commodity.
One of the largest importers of Indonesian spices is India, which ranks third trailing behind the United States and China.
India is also Indonesia’s strategic trade partner, according to Trade Ministry’s National Export Development director general Didi Sumedi during a webinar titled “Amazing Spices: Accolade To The India-Indonesia’s Adamant Cohesiveness In Exotic Spices” on Wednesday (27/10).
The webinar was part of side events at Trade Expo Indonesia-Digital Edition 2021, which runs from Oct. 21 to Nov. 4, 2021. Meanwhile, the showcase will run through Dec. 20.
Present at the webinar were Indonesian Consul General in Mumbai Agus P Saptono, Odo RM Manuhutu from the Office of Coordinating Maritime and Investment Minister and Pritee Chaudhary, a director at India’s Health Ministry.
“Hopefully, business and trade between Indonesia and India will keep increasing, bringing prosperity to the people. It is also hoped thie event will expand market for both countries,” Didi said.
Indonesia’s total exports of spices in the January-August 2021 period was recorded at USD 499.1 million, increasing 12.88 percent compared to the same period in 2020. Meanwhile, Indonesia’s spice export to India in January-August 2021 period was recorded at USD74.53 million, increasing 51.22 percent compared to the same period of last year.
Indonesia’s main spice products for exports are nutmeg, clove, pepper, cinnamon and cardamom.
Meanwhile, Consul General Agus said the webinar was aimed to provide information and literacy about access to spice and spice product market that has been dominant commodities since centuries ago. Spices played important role in the bilateral relations between Indonesia and India.
The webinar, he added, can also become a source of information for strategic approach for stakeholders and small and medium business players.
“Demand for Indonesian spices has increased sharply despite the pandemic. India with a population of around 1.4 million used to consuming foods with spices. This means India is big market for Indonesian spices and spice products,” he added.
In addition, Didi added the surging demand for spices is in line with the “Indonesia Spice Up the World” program initiated by the Office of Coordinating Maritime and Investment Minister.
The Trade Ministry fully supports this program which has targeted to increase exports of spices to USD2 billion by 2024, increasing 25 percent each year. The ministry also supports “Indonesia Spice Up the World” campaign that will be launched by President Joko Widodo during Indonesian National Day at 2020 Dubai Expo scheduled for Nov. 4 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Indonesian spices and seasoning products will also be brought to the 2nd Pacific Exposition 2021, Food Africa 2021 and Trade Expo Indonesia Digital.
Odo Manuhutu meanwhile said Indonesia Spice Up the World is a campaign to increase market access to Indonesia’s traditional export market such as India and to non-traditional export market such as in African countries.
“This program will involve government agencies, private sector and academicians. This program will not only promote Indonesian spices but also improve environment quality through empowering local community,” he said.
Pritee Chaudhary said spices are important commodity for both countries. “India has invested in Indonesia and many things can be brought for cooperation. We await better bilateral cooperation in the future,” said Chaudhary. [KH]